Why Hiring a Photographer is So Expensive



Why hiring a photographer is so expensive.

I mean they only click the button a few times.

Agree? or Disagree?

Often I get this type of words from the people while dealing with them. They always told that what is the big thing you do for that we should pay lots of money. After all you are only going to press the camera shutter.

Now there might be so many answer to this general query, but I always try to skip this conversation and moved away from those client.

Now here I want to share one story which I read somewhere. It might give the answer of this particular question to all of the people who believe that its just a matter of clicking the button.

A giant ship engine failed. The ship’s owners tried one expert after another, but none of them could figure but how to fix the engine.

Then they brought in an old man who had been fixing ships since he was a young. He carried a large bag of tools with him, and when he arrived, he immediately went to work. He inspected the engine very carefully, top to bottom.

Two of the ship’s owners were there, watching this man, hoping he would know what to do. After looking things over, the old man reached into his bag and pulled out a small hammer. He gently tapped something. Instantly, the engine lurched into life. He carefully put his hammer away. The engine was fixed!

A week later, the owners received a bill from the old man for ten thousand dollars.

“What?!” the owners exclaimed. “He hardly did anything!”

So they wrote the old man a note saying, “Please send us an itemized bill.

The man sent a bill that read:

Tapping with a hammer………………….. $ 2.00

Knowing where to tap…………………….. $ 9,998.00 “

At the end I only wanted to say all the people who believe that its a very easy task and we are asking for lots of money then for those people:

“You’re not paying for the clicking of the button you’re paying for the expertise in capturing memorable moments and making you look fabulous”.

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